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aapoveda guadixCOEXISTENCE DAY in our school for former pupils of the Pedro Poveda College of Jaen.


16th APRIL, 2016 from 10.30 am (entrance door Child, C/ Fuente Don Diego).

  • FILM FORUM about the recent film POVEDA, led by GUILLERMINA DAMAS, who has been present during production and filming of the movie.
  • WORKSHOPS for younger (11 to 13 hours).
  • VISIT school.
  • LUCH, each bring a dish that is easy to share so that we put together. The Board will provide the drinks.

We need you to confirm your indicate number of adults and children care and the age of them to organize the event successfully. You can do it by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



quienes somos

About us 

We respond to report on our goals and what we want with this Association.



We offer the full text of the Constitution and the form to be completed by the person you want to associate.


We tried to make a list of all the promotions that have left the school, arranged by curriculum and years.



Performed in the city of Jaen in Pedro Poveda College or those organized by the Association.



We welcome all persons, whether or not school alumni Pedro Poveda in Jaén (Andalusia, Spain) to our website.

We, with this page, make known our newly created Association of Alumni and Alumnae - AAPOVEDA -.

We intend that this page becomes a link between the partners and all those who have some concerns similar to ours.

Some concerns we have inherited from training in the spirit of one day know as Pedro Poveda and today has become San Pedro Poveda.

We hope and wish that this binding site serves us all who were fortunate enough to study at the Colegio Pedro Poveda in Jaén and, in turn, provide us the respect of all who want to share the idea that, with effort and illusion, can be achieved more just and united world that we live today.

Also, it would be a joy to all who would like to work together to expand the data here did bring, you know, that from today, we are waiting.


Thank you!